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Bis Bald!

Life sucks.
I'm going on semi-hiatus again.
Will come back in March.


Icon Post 20

After so many centuries, I have come back to get rid of these old icons, because soon Helen will post new, fresh stock icons. I have already made a few, but I'm not showing you. The topic is a secret. ;) Or maybe eternalphoenix_ knows, but she won't tell. MUAHAHAHA!

Oh. Also:
Happy Valentine's Day, my friends! :D
*so late, but keeps smiling and waving*

And I would like to thank my precious friends for nominating me for "Best Arina Tanemura icons". I doubt I'll win anything this year, because the following icons will disappoint you as much as they disappointed me. D: Anywho. *HUGS EVERYONE* ♥

Arina Tanemura {o16}
Code Geass {o19}
Ouran Koukou Host Club {oo7}
Detective Conan {oo5}
Stock {oo9}
Misc {o11}

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Be a part of the democratic process!

I will make a real post soon. Srsly.


Yeah, and instead of doing a presentation for Psychology, I am reading the AnimeSuki forum for more Code Geass R2.

Anywho. Guys, do you agree with these things?

Елена Премудрая?Collapse )


Pieces Of Me

I. New layout!~ Thank you, grafikitty. 8D

II. Tomorrow's school. D8

III. Meme time.
you wanna piece of me?Collapse )

IV. My New Year's resolution! *does this the first time in her life* This can be ignored. ;p

Ich bitte um Verzeihung

I would like to apologize to EVERYONE, whose posts were left uncommented by me.

It seems like my LJ life is slowly dying. One day I WILL return to my normal, daily Internet life, but for now...


Basically, it means I will rarely comment on my friends' posts. Icon posts... maybe, once in 2 months. About my life? Heh. I have a story ready, but I still have so much to do! Nope. I'll leave it for later.

Thank you!~

Icon Post 19

This is part 1, 'cause PhotoBucket is being a bad boy lately...

Stock {o33}
Celebs {oo8}

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cranes for peace.

Spread the peace!

It's meme time!~